Coffret Cadeau "Matcha"

Coffret Cadeau "Matcha"
avec bol, fouet et cuillère
Premium Matcha Bio 30 g


In this set you will find everything you need to prepare a Matcha tea drink: high-quality Japanese premium organic Matcha and a noble set of accessories made of Japanese ceramic and bamboo. The set is accompanied by instructions for preparation and two alternative recipe suggestions.


1844 Gift Box „MATCHA“

Gift box containing Matcha Tea, Matcha accessories and 3 preparation instruction/

recipe cards

PU 1 Set / € 39.90 per Set



– Japanes ceramic Matcha bowl

– Bamboo Matcha whisk and measuring spoon

– 3 cards with preparation instructions and recipes

– 30 g Tin Organic Green Powder Tea – Japan – Premium Matcha Kawane

Coffret Cadeau "Mate Starter Set"

Coffret Cadeau "Mate Starter Set"
Calebasse, Bombilla, 150g Thé Mate
avec 3 cartes

1845 Coffret Cadeau „MATE“

UE 3 coffrets / € 16,90


- Calebasse en acier inoxydable, noir mat, 0,2 L

- Paille en acier inoxydable, longueur 18 cm

- MATÉ BRÉSILIEN, sachet de 150 g

- 3 cartes postales

Coffret Cadeau "Bubble Tea Box"

Coffret Cadeau "Bubble Tea Box"
avec verre à boire avec couvercle à visser, paille
Brosse, 1 sachet à 250g de perles de tapioca
et 5 cartes de recettes

Coffret Cadeau "Bubble Tea Box"

250g de perles de tapioca avec 5 fiches recettes, un verre avec couvercle à visser, paille extra large en métal, et brossette de nettoyage

UE 3 coffrets / € 15,90 par coffret

Coffret Cadeau

Coffret Cadeau

− A wonderful gift set –
If you are looking for a special gift, you have found the perfect set with a pretty and elaborate packaging. You can look forward to a colourful selection of delicious fruit and herbal tea blends which are complemented by five attractive “mindset” design postcards. Your customers can write a cheerful postcard to friends and acquaintances while they enjoy a cup of these delicious teas... or invite them over for tea time.
Happy giving!

5 bags of tea with the varieties listed below accompanied by
5 cheerful design postcards:

Magical Day
Herbal tea blend, flavoured, Orange Grapefruit
Orange Grapefruit Taste
bag of 40 g

Beautiful Moments
Herbal tea blend, flavoured, Flamingo‘s Paradise
Strawberry elderberry basil taste
bag of 45 g

Be Happy
Fruit tea blend, flavoured, Cloud Catcher
Cherry kiwi coconut taste
bag of 40 g

Special Something
Fruit tea blend, flavoured, Grandma‘s Garden
Strawberry taste
bag of 60 g

Amazing Day
Fruit tea blend, flavoured, Turkish Apple Yoghurt Lime
Apple Yoghurt lime taste
bag of 60 g

Coffret Cadeau "The Lovely Tea Duett"

Coffret Cadeau "The Lovely Tea Duett"
Boîte avec 60 g de thé et tasse tisane
avec 2 cartes produit


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