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Tea since 1836!

Established in Hamburg

Tea since 1836

Depuis 1836, tout notre savoir-faire dans le domaine du thé a été investi dans cette marque, dont la tradition et l'innovation ne se reflètent pas seulement dans le design.

Les meilleurs vendeurs de toute notre gamme de thé sont unis dans un grand championnat : seuls les meilleurs sont estampillés "depuis 1836" ou " Since 1836". Cela nous permet d'offrir une large gamme de thés : des spécialités orthodoxes classiques aux raretés haut de gamme, des produits haut de gamme provenant de pays d'origine extraordinaires aux créations populaires de teatasters aux approches modernes. Les petits lots de notre production de thé, conditionnés dans de beaux emballages prêts à la vente, garantissent un produit de spécialistes de haute facture, de qualité supérieure et d'une fraîcheur unique.

Our Quality

There are very few foods and beverages, which have as many facets as tea. It is one of the most important bever ages, which manages the balancing act of combining modernity and tradition. The resulting responsibility dictates the way we handle our teas. For instance, the quality of the tea is only one determining factor for the purchas ing decision of our tea tasters. Longstanding contacts to plantation managers, the cultivation conditions of the teas as well as the social conditions on the plantations lead to a trustful co operation with our partners and the product. The consideration and worship of all these facets is the guaran tor for first class quality teas and the preservation of a continuous and high-performing cultivation of tea.

Our Philosophy

Our tea tasters only acquire raw materials of highest quality. The teas undergo continuous quality controls, also during their transportation, to ensure that their freshness and quality are not impaired during this time. Our teas are refined exclusively in Hamburg. Here, we can rely on a team of depend able and experienced “tea tasters”, who produce the best qualities thanks to their enthusiasm and longstanding expert knowledge. The combination of quality aspiration, intensive and longstanding
business contacts, extensive know-how and the sensitivity with respect to handling the raw materials
ensures a continuous and excellent quality of teas. When refining our teas with flavours and other ingredients, we focus not only on the best qualities, but ensure a performance standard following international quality standards.

Nos Produits

Portioning Bags

Our strikingly staged top sellers and highlights! Available in individual, flavour-protective packaging for the catering sector and on the go or in boxes for use at home. Perfect tea indulgence, prepared in a matter of seconds with our premium teabags and pyramid bags.


Gift Sets

In this section, you will find gift sets in attractive, trendy or seasonal designs. The high quality tins with flavour-protective lids ensure the freshness of the teas.


Small Packages

Finest tea specialities in 1836 designed tins, trendy tea blends in our themed counter displays, cold brew and flavour-protective zip-bags for everyday use. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here!


You have the choice: Matcha in its pure, classic version or in a new interpretation! The green powdered tea from organic cultivation is available in various packaging sizes, pure or naturally flavoured.